St. George Serbian Orthodox Church
Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin
Slava Kola Srbskih Sestara - Svete Trojice

Circle of Serbian Sisters Slava - Pentecost

Kolo Srbskih Sestara Vas poziva da zajedno proslavimo Slavu Kola Srbskih Sestara u Nedelju 23. Juna, 2024.
Circle of Serbian sisters would like to invite all parishioners to their Slava on Sunday, June 23rd, 2024.

Easter (Vaskrs) 2024

Thank you all for coming to celebrate this special day of  Easter.
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Church Slava - Saint George 2024

Thank you all for coming to celebrate this special feast day of Saint George.
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Blagovesti - Days of Orthodoxy 2024

Dani Pravoslavlja. 
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January 6th 2024, Holy Liturgy 5PM
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Serb Fest 2023

Serb Fest 2023
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Sunday school 2023-2024

Sunday School is in full session, all kids are welcome!

Beverly Novaković 
Sunday School Director                                               

Amanda Vladušić  
Larissa Milićević
Anica Carević
Sunday School Assistant Teachers   

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This corner of our basement that has been
damaged by 
water and humidity has been
transformed into a bright, clean storage area
thanks to 
Rade Trnavac and                         
Dragan and Beverly Novaković .....


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Dear brothers and sisters, dear parishioners, respected people of goodwill! Our community, the St. George Parish in Mount Pleasant-Racine, has felt a strong calling and summons in recent years to raise a suitable temple in the glory of God and in honor of our protector and patron, St. George.

We've raised
Our Goal